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Japanese Beliefs on Healthcare

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Japanese Culture Beliefs

  • Japanese find it offensive to look each other in the eyes. Unless it is very intimate or seriously discussing an issue. 
  • Japanese is the main language. 
  •  They do not have personal space issues. 
  • Japanese believe that health is dependent on maintaining a harmonious relationship with the universe.
  • The typical Japanese diet consists of fish, vegetables, and fruit. 


Japanese Health 

  • 80% of the time it can be cured by using the mind.
  • 20% of the time it can be cured by using herbs. 
  • Buddhists link sickness to laziness in faith or lifestyle. 
  • Western medication is thought to weaken the body so they do not use it.
  • Against abortion, have no problem with organ donations (as long as it isn’t forced), autopsy is bad and can disturb the soul. 
  • Health care provided for free for all citizens, expatriates, and foreigners .
  • Most common diseases are Tinea, colon cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, atopic dermatitis, asthma, and allergic rhinitis from tree pollen. 
  • Being silent when in pain is the virtuous thing to do. 
  • it is harder for women to get jobs in healthcare and get paid less.


Useful Translations

  • Tell me what is wrong with you.

          Nani ga machigatte anata to watashi ni oshiete.

  • How bad does it hurt?

             Dono yō ni warui koto ga itaidesu ka?




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